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The information here will help you understand the issues regarding the potential impacts of alcohol use, what's being done about it, and encourage you to become part of the solution.



  • Graduation Time is a Memorable Time for You and Your Teen
    -Posted May 2016
    Proms, graduations and the parties surrounding them can be an exciting time for teens and parents that they usually can remember throughout their lives. But they can also be a time of heartbreak. There are all too often negative consequences, serious injuries, and even deaths. Read more
  • Online Program Aims to Help Veterans Reduce Their Drinking and PTSD Symptoms
    - Posted August 2015
    A new free, self-guided online program is designed to help active-duty military and veterans reduce their drinking and symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Read more
  • From NPR:  “Moderate Drinker or Alcoholic? Many Americans Fall In Between”
    -Posted December 2014
    This recent NPR story may surprise some readers with its description of another type of drinker, those who may have a couple of drinks during the week and then typically drink larger amounts on weekends. While those who fall into this category may never reach the level of becoming alcohol dependent, there are some health concerns to be considered.
    To read or listen to the story, Read more
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