Responsible Vendor Program

The Responsible Vendor Program (RVP) is a free self-monitoring program that rewards retail licensees who take positive steps to prevent the sale and service of alcohol to minors and apparently intoxicated persons. Retail licensees may apply for this program if they have a spirits retailer license and have had no public safety violations within the past two years.

In order to receive a Responsible Vendor Certification, you must submit an application with all of the required documents indicated on the RVP check sheet for review. 

Listed below are the tools needed to construct your own Responsible Vendor Program:

The WSLCB also provides a model program that meets all of the necessary requirements.  If you are interested in adopting and practicing the WSLCB provided program please indicate so on your application. All of the required training materials are available below.  

Please contact us for any questions.

RVP: 360-664-1727/ 664-1728 or