Washington State Liquor Control Board recognizes agency employees at annual ceremony

OLYMPIA – The Washington State Liquor Control Board (WSLCB) recently held its annual formal recognition event, entitled “Renewing our Legacy,” at its headquarters building in Olympia. This year’s theme was chosen because it recognizes the agency’s past without forgetting it - while looking to the opportunities ahead.

“It’s been a challenging year, but while our agency has changed dramatically, our commitment to public safety has not,” said Agency Administrative Director Pat Kohler.

Each year the agency recognizes those employees who best fulfill the requirements for each award while at the same time embodying the culture of the WSLCB.

2012 Formal Recognition Award Winners

The 2012 WSLCB Formal Recognition award winners, as well as the award criteria are listed below.

  • Community Ambassador Award. This award is given to the individual who extends the culture of the WSLCB out to the community. The 2012 Community Ambassador Award winner is Confidential Secretary Frances Munez-Carter.
  • Outstanding Performance by an Individual. This award is given to the individual who best demonstrated initiative, reliability, and integrity as well as promoted high standards, ethics and courtesy. The 2012 Outstanding Performance by an Individual award winner is Liquor Enforcement Officer Jeremy Wissing.
  • Outstanding Performance by a Team. This award is given to the team who showed superior effort in completing specific tasks accomplished only through teamwork and who put the team’s interests ahead of their own. The 2012 recipients of the Outstanding Performance by a Team award are the Licensing Retail Customer Service Team. This team is comprised of Terri Wheeler, Denise Johnson, Candace Peycke, Beth Lehman, Wil McGill, Merwil Guzman, Linda Thompson, Michael Robinson, and Jim Fry.
  • Outstanding Leader or Mentor. This award recognizes a supervisor who encouraged growth through guidance and mentorship while promoting teamwork within their division and the office as a whole. The 2012 Outstanding Leader or Mentor award winner is Communications Director Brian Smith.
  • Customer Service. This award is given to the team who takes risks and is innovative in providing customers what they need. The 2012 Customer Service award winners are the Payroll Unit. The Payroll Unit is comprised of Martha Leonard, Tricia Roman, Maria Gonzalez, and James Tallman
  • Quality Performance Excellence award.  This award is given to the employee that reflects the strides the agency is making in streamlining its day-to-day operations using programs like LEAN. The 2012 Quality Performance Excellence award winner is Policy Coordinator Edmon Lee
  • 2012 Directors Award. This award is given to the individual who provides the highest-levels of service and consistently demonstrates professionalism. The 2012 Director’s Award winner is General Ledger Manager Stefanie Niemela

The WSLCB Formal Recognition program was created in 2009 by a cross-divisional committee composed of employees from across the state. Nominations for the awards are open to any employee of the WSLCB.

Contact: Mikhail Carpenter, WSLCB Communications, 360-664-1621