Required Signs

You are required to post a number of signs and licenses at your business based on your license type. WSLCB enforcement officers and local law enforcement will look for these signs and licenses when visiting your business to ensure you are complying with liquor and tobacco laws.

These signs are available at no charge to licensees. To order, call the WSLCB Enforcement Customer Service Line at (360) 664-9878 or email

Please click on the images below to see an enlarged sample.

  • Master Business License showing the approved Liquor License Classes and expiration date.

             Master Business License - Showing approved Liquor License

  • Master Business License showing the Cigarette Retailers License


  • Vending Machine License
    Must be posted on all cigarette vending machines

  • Tobacco Warning Sign
    • Must be posted on cigarette vending machines and at each location (i.e. check stand or cash register area) where tobacco products are sold. RCW 70.155.020


  • Minor Posting Sign
    Must be posted at the entrance to a tavern or cocktail lounge. WAC 314.11.060


  • Firearms Prohibited Sign
    Must be posted in a tavern or cocktail lounge. See RCW 9.41.300


  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) Warning Sign
    Must be posted in the women's restroom and clearly visible at the entrance to stores, restaurants, taverns and lounge areas. WAC 314.11.060


  • Spirits, Beer and Wine Restaurants
    Spirits, beer and wine restaurant licensees must post their own sign, which states that food service is available whenever liquor is sold and what the hours of full food service are, in the lounge. WAC 314.02.035